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13 t h	N o v e m b e r
I just woke up. Theres just a lamp, this paper and a typewriter here, might as well write something. 
im not sure where i am i cant really see anything. I know theres floor but when I shine onto where the walls are i just see black.
Im not sure if i should leave this spot 14 t h	N o v e m b e r
Just woke up. The floor isnt very comfortable
The paper from yesterday is gone someone must ve been here. They left this paper here. 
I dont know hwat else to write nothing happens here after all. 
Ive never been a talkative person i think. I dont think ive ever written much either. Kind of ironic that my only company is this typewriter.
15 t h	N o v e m r b e r
I misspelled the date. Great. I shouldnt type this quickly
Im not sure if ist really the 15th either after all my paper dissappeared again.
Ive noticed a few things. 
My lamp seems to not need any electricity as it doesnt have any cables. It just shines night and day.
Also whoever keeps putting this paper here doesnt leave any traces they must be really careful.
I wonder what happens if i run out of ink. 16 t h	N o v e m b e r
Am i here for 5 days now? i have not eaten in days why am i not hungry
Yesterdays paper is gone again as expected. I can only remember me writing that my lamp is on night and day. Isnt that weird how i try using that phrase even though it is clearly only ever day here?
Unbelievable hwo my brain tries to trick me into thinking everything is normal. 
Ive discovered a method how i can pass time while not writing. I will just try solving math equations in my brain.
I feel like in school solving meaningless problems for hours with no real outcomes. At least it keeps me entertained. 17 t h	N o v e m b e r
Thast the last number i can remmember. Whatever i calculated there. My head has so many numbers in it i dont think this is normal.
I think i have become more tlkative over the past week. I think i need a break from all this talking now.
Not because i need to process what i said but because i need to process what i will say. Does that even make sense?
i wanted to sign this one with my name. What even is my name? I guess it is not that important as i am the only person here 18 t h	N o v e m b e r
who am i?
I guess i am a human. I have fingers. i am sentient.
but im not A human, right? I ma specific human. and those have names, dont they.
I should have a name. is it selfish to name mysefl? 
im literally the only person here is there another option than to be selfish?
I dont know if i still remember names. what kind of names do humans have?
I think John was a generic name i could use that one.
- John 19 t h	N o v e m b e r
i guess im john now. i think i feel more human now.
like i am someone. 
Has been a while since i questioned why i am here i just noticed. This has just become kind of normal. i think that is bad. But i dont know how to change that.
I have been thinking about this for a while now. maybe i should explore the space around me a bit. The paper has to come frome somewhere after all
i will do that tomorrow when i have a whole day i want to be well rested.
Weird how i talk about days again just to have a feeling of normality. im not even sure if the date on my paper is correct. 
If you think about it in a way my lamp is my day. Not only because it s my only source of light, it also shows me i still live. every time i wake up and see this light i know i am not dead, just when waking up and seeing the sun.
- John 20 t h	N o v e m b e r
Exploration day 22 n d	N o v e m b e r
Im back from exploring. In fact it has been a day. i didnt receive any paper yesterday after waking up. is this a punishment for exploring?
i didnt even find anything it was a waste of time. and in return i received one of the most boring days ive had in my life.
At least the expedition gave me other feelings. I genuinely felt exhausted after walking around here. i didnt walk far, i was scared i would lose the only thing i have. I wouldnt be able to write anymore. 
i noticed i have a need for conversations. While i was exploring i began to talk to myself. i think i was making up for not being able to write. kind of weird how my brain wants conversation so much, yet i have never been able to fill a page
- John I have though about something. Why do i always write the date on top. isnt time meaningless here. and the number is probably wrong anyways. 
N o v e m b e r
I got another page today, unsurprisingly. i have been here for too long now. but you already knew that. i hope you read what i write when you give me another paper. i want you to know that i dont hate you. i just need to know who you are or why i am here. 
what  is my purpose? do i need to write? I just need to know why i am here i have so many questions
- John N o v e m b e r
This is dumb. why am i even trying to contact anyone. who would answer me - the people who put me here?
none of this makes sense. i am so calm this is not normal. i couldve sworn i heard something breathe a little while ago yet i didnt feel anything. maybe it was just a hallucination or my own breathing. at least thats what i want to convince myself of. This is for the best, cant have too much hope after all.
- John I can still hear it breathe. Its getting nearer. I think its almo